"Like the famous philosopher, Anonymous has stated;
Be yourself, play, read and enjoy."

– Kalle Kujala, Walking Walnut Entertainment Oy

What is the curious world
of Walking Walnut?

Walking Walnut lives on an island called Announ (pronounced: Unknown), located somewhere in the Great Ocean. There are some rumors that the coordinates are the following; 60.408243, 25.007425 - but who knows about that. Walking Walnut sleeps at palm tree apartment, made of a giant coconut. He shares his home with Hedgehog, Hedgehog's second cousin Sea Urchin, Hippo, and Oh-Bob (not Iger) the Sloth.  

Walnut loves two things besides his friends; Mango smoothie and Curvy Peanut. The love of mango contains one big challenge for Walnut: the only mango tree on the Announ island stands in the East part of the island, called DARKWOOD. The Eastern part of the island is controlled by an evil King, the King of the yellow ants, who protects the mango tree.

The luxury is a “must” if you live on a private island; The friends have a swimming pool next to their apartment! But the swimming pool is allowed to use - or would be wise to use in the afternoon because electric eels live in the swimming pool, and they are sleeping in the afternoon. The electric eels produce electricity for Walnut’s house so he can watch TV and use a blender.

WALKING WALNUT stories are funny, entertaining, and educational.
Jump into the unique world of Announ island.

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All Videos
Walking Walnut - Fishing

Walking Walnut - Fishing

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Walking Walnut - Behind The Scene - Episode 2 / Kävelevä Pähkinä - Äänitys 2. jaksoon.

Walking Walnut - Behind The Scene - Episode 2 / Kävelevä Pähkinä - Äänitys 2. jaksoon.

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Walking Walnut - Chasing the mango / Kävelevä Pähkinä - Mangojahti

Walking Walnut - Chasing the mango / Kävelevä Pähkinä - Mangojahti

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Our Story


The first touch with Walking Walnut's stories happened in December 2013 when Walnut’s creator Kalle Kujala started to narrate entirely improvised bedtime stories to his firstborn daughter, Amanda, because Kalle couldn't read the same Walt Disney books, the same Cinderella bedtime stories evening after evening. So, together with his daughter, they started creating their own stories - and Walking Walnut was born. Today, three children later, Kalle still tells his children improvised and educational bedtime stories.


Since 2013 Kalle Kujala has narrated hundreds of stories of Walking Walnut which is the foundation
for today's vision and goal of Walking Walnut animation.


“Walking Walnut has been created from those stories of Walking Walnut. When I was like two years old, about seven years ago, my dad began to tell Walking Walnut stories in the evening - before I went to sleep. Then my little brother Noel came along to listen to those stories.”

– Amanda Kujala, 9y.


Walking Walnut

A walnut that can walk and talk. Walking Walnut is wise because he has a big brain - almost 90% of his body is the brain. He always has his thumbs up. Walking Walnut loves mango and especially mango smoothies.

Pst: He is in love with Curvy Peanut.


Oh-Bob the sloth

Oh-Bob is extremely slow in his movements and talking as well as keeping up with the games. He lives on the branch of the Walking Walnut’s palm tree.

Hedgehog and
Sea Urchin

Hedgehog and Sea Urchin are second cousins to each other. They are energetic and very lively. Together, they often come up with tricks or so-called “pranks.” They both have a ban on the Squirrel’s Balloon Shop – can you guess why?

Hedgehog and Sea Urchin.jpg


Hippo speaks without a pause because he has so much to say. He can sneak like a “ballerina” even though he is the largest animal on the island.

Mr Egg Mayo.jpg

Mr. EggMayo

Mr. EggMayo is a half-boiled egg. His “hair” is the mayonnaise that everyone wants to lick. Mr. EggMayo is running really fast because he is full of protein. His twin brother, another half of the egg, lives in the kitchen of a hotel called La Maison Champs-Elysée in Paris.

One-legged Stork.jpg

One-legged Stork

Ex-pirate. Always hanging out on the beach. Sleeps almost all the time. Regards the beach as a living room. When he was a pirate, he worked as an assistant chef on a pirate ship.


Koroko is also an ex-pirate who always hangs out on the beach and sleeps almost all the time. He was a co-pilot on a pirate ship, and because of that, he knows the compass points. Rumors tell that Koroko would be the only one who knows the coordinates of the Announ island.



Grows melons, not for sale but for himself. Monkey is grumpy if someone comes close to melons.



She has a balloon shop on the west side of the island. Squirrel is the most successful entrepreneur on the island.